Writing Surfaces

Presenting 3M Writing Surface Films,the ready-to-go solution that transforms any surface into an instant idea board.Walls,partitions, table-tops,pillars doors–go ahead and use them a starting point for your next big idea.Available in white,coloured,custom template in fixed and flexible sizes or custom cuts for markers or chalk,3M Writing Surface Films are a no-mess,minimum fuss installation.

Your ideas are out of the box.So why confine the space you can generate them on? Break-free,be inspired.Research shows human spatial memory trumps our short term memory any day. Which is why instant,anywhere writable surfaces that double as note makers,go-back to drawing board spaces or just a look up,make perfect sense to today’s businesses.
  • Light WeightConventional writing surfaces are heavy and require additional support framework. 3M Writing Surfaces are a light weight alternative that can be installed without extra support, even on gypsum partitions
  • No Warping or BendingWhen applied directly on a gypsum or a lamina ted surface, you can be assured that your writing surface will not bend or warp.
  • Can be applied on glassYou can easily convert a glass partition into a 3M Writing Surface.
  • UnbreakableUnlike glass, that is often being used as a writing surface, 3M Writing Surfaces will not crack, shatter or break.
  • Superior dry erase performanceThe dry erase performance of 3M Writing surfaces is superior when compared to an y other film. Use the 3M suggested eraser for best results.
  • Avoid shadows, inconsistent contrast & ink bleedingWhen you write on a smooth, transparent surface like back-painted glass you cannot ignore the shadows.
Writing Boards3M Whiteboard film is made for writing on an y flat surface.
Unlike conventional writing board's , 3MWH- 111 aids in smoother writing and better contrast. Read y-to-use from the moment of installation , 3MWH - 111 an ideal choice for refurbishment (over existing white boards, worn out surfaces or even to add extra writing space)
Film Purpose Pens Erasability Colour/Customise Appearance Installation Surface Shape
WH-111 Write Only Whiteboard Marker only Sponge Eraser White Gloss Smooth & Flat Rectangle
Chalk BoardsSay goodbye to inconsistent prepared and painted chalkboard surfaces. No mess, no fuss, no waiting - cut, paste and you are read y to go.
Chalkboard has never been so easy or so flexible that you can cover entire walls. With the 3M-PS Series you get a consistent, durable surface that will not warp or chip and does a way with chalk screeching.
Film Purpose Pens Erasability Colour/Customise Appearance Installation Surface Shape
PS Series Writing Dust free chalk only Sponge Eraser, Wet cloth and Felt Eraser Black (504), Grey (949), Burgundy (151), Blue (140), Purple (1457),Brown (292), Orange (141) Matte Flat and slightly curved Custom shapes
Projection cum Writing FilmWith 3M PWF-500 you get the dual advantage of a projection cum writable surface.
This no-glare matte film helps add an extra dimension to presentations, when you need to write, highlight or even revise on the go. 3M PWF-500 goes well on slight curves and can be custom cut for special applications.
Film Purpose Pens Erasability Colour/Customise Appearance Installation Surface Shape
PWF-500 Write and Projects Whiteboard Marker only Sponge Eraser White Matte Flat Slightly Curved Custom Shapes
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